Gallup Yacht Surveying SAMS® AMS®              Damage Inspection Survey Marine Damage Claims Assistance Services Gallup Yacht Surveying provides a thorough and complete service to the Loss Adjuster. In accordance with the Loss Adjuster's instructions, our report can include: The reported circumstances of the loss Inspection of the damages Captioned photos Written Findings and Recommendations for the repairs of the damage Cause of Loss opinion Repair estimate review including parts MSRP, flat-rate labor, and depreciation suggestions Valuations of pre-loss and u-repaired condition Consultation with qualified Experts Cause of Loss Determination Gallup Yacht Surveying's accurate and precise description of the cause of loss provides the necessary information for coverage determination. Experts are available for engine failure analysis, metallurgical inspections, fire cause and origin and more. Discussions concerning coverage are never discussed unless specifically requested by the carrier! Scope of Damage Analysis Gallup Yacht Surveying's inspections and reports help to determine and define claim related and non claim related damage. Our open communication with the insured and their chosen repairer prevents many problems. Potential additional damage is identified and all issues relevant to the claims process are addressed and resolved with expertise in a timely manner. Damage Appraisal with Agreed Repair Price  Gallup Yacht Surveying always prefers to have the insured choose a repairer but we will assist with options when requested. Using our scope of damage findings and our damage appraisal we will negotiate reasonable prices to repair the claim related damage. Competitive estimates are sought out with bids and firm price quotes are usually provided. Cost Containment   Gallup Yacht Surveying primary responsibility is to you, the marine insurance claims professional, is to establish what is required to fulfill your contractual obligation. We use industry standards or manufacturers suggestions to develop repair methods to return the vessel to its pre casualty condition. Then we negotiate the price for that repair. We often obtain discounts and/or reductions in the estimated costs which are significant, many times the savings are greater than our service invoice. We can help contain the costs and improve your loss ratios. Liability (P & I) Investigation  Gallup Yacht Surveying utilizes professional communication and investigative skills to obtain information relevant to liability exposure and personal injuries resulting from marine insurance coverage. Recorded interviews contain questions which are drawn from our experience in marine insurance claims and focus on the pertinent issues. We utilize negotiation skills and work closely with adjusters to bring claims to a quick and fair conclusion whenever possible. Subrogation Investigation When and if there is a party responsible for causing a loss, Gallup Yacht Surveying will strive to identify them, prove and document their error or negligence and preserve the evidence necessary to build a strong cause for subrogation. We will of course provide evidence receipts, suggest experts as appropriate and ask the appropriate questions required during the investigation. Salvage Assistance  Gallup Yacht Surveying will gladly assist in arranging any salvage or rescue operation of your insured's vessels. We can negotiate contracts using no cure/no pay, fixed price or time and material options. We can also arrange mitigating repairs immediately which can significantly reduce repair costs or increase salvage valves. Please use our 24hr on call service for any emergencies. Salvage Sale Assistance Gallup Yacht Surveying maintains a list of active marine salvage buyers.  How to prepare for a survey   Copyright © 2001/2012 Gallup Yacht Surveying, Lynn, Massachusetts  ~  Phone (781) 598-5465 Web Design Stott Marketing Group Serving the Northeast United States