Gallup Yacht Surveying SAMS® AMS®              Gear Failure What To Look For Whether you do your own maintenance or you have it done by a professional, knowing how to recognize the warning signs of trouble will make your boating safer and more enjoyable. Our seminars focus on providing an education on what to look for to prevent gear failure when spending time on the water with friends and family.  Shown below are a few common elements of gear failure, some of which could have been prevented with knowledge of what to look for and regular maintenance and some issues just happen over time. Gallup Yacht Surveying is happy to give a presentation to your boating group.  We’ll bring samples of failed gear for your inspection and discuss how to avoid gear failures.   Call To Schedule An Educational Seminar For Your  Group.     Shown below are examples of gear failure   Copyright © 2001/2012 Gallup Yacht Surveying, Lynn, Massachusetts  ~  Phone (781) 598-5465 Web Design Stott Marketing Group Serving the Northeast United States Fitting & Bonding Wire Corrosion Motor Mount Corrosion Exhaust Elbow Corrosion Keel Bolt Corrosion Click thumbnail to enlarge Transom Delamination Unorganized Wiring Trim Tab Corrosion Wires In Oily Bilge Battery Terminal Corrosion Broken Thru-Hull Hose Corroded Stuffing Box