Gallup Yacht Surveying SAMS® AMS®              Pre-Purchase Marine Survey A Pre-Purchase Survey is a comprehensive inspection of the vessel and its equipment. On a typical mid-sized production yacht the on site survey will take up to a full day. A typical Condition & Value or Pre-Purchase survey is not an exhaustive investigation of every detail of every system (which would probably take days or weeks). There are trade-offs in time and expense which are listed below. The typical survey will concentrate on those items which are most likely to show evidence of safety problems, or significantly affect the value of the vessel.  The Pre-Purchase Survey will, in almost all cases, include: Inspection of the deck(s), superstructure, topsides, and interior spaces. In the case of sailboats the rigging is examined from deck height only unless prior arrangements have been made. All of the normally accessible parts of the boat will be examined. Inspection of the bottom, prop(s), rudder(s), etc. is conducted upon arrangements of a haul-out if necessary. Visual inspection of engine(s), generator(s), fluid levels, fuel system, steering, electrical, sanitation, tankage, and other systems. Inspection of the required and optional safety equipment. Checking for compliance with the CFR’s (Code of Federal Regulations) and the USCG (United States Coast Guard) regulations; the voluntary recommendations of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Where and when it is applicable relative moisture testing will be conducted. Where and when it is applicable sounding of selected areas of the vessel will be conducted. Examination and recording of the ships papers, registration, and hull identification numbers. The normal Pre-Purchase Survey will NOT include (unless previously arranged):   Removing screwed or nailed paneling, liners, carpeting, etc. Opening, pressure testing, or sampling tanks. Disassembly of the engine(s), electronics, and machinery. Destructive testing, such as drilling holes, removing paint or gel coat, etc. Based on what is found during the survey process a recommendation for further testing, sampling, or dismantling for inspection may be suggested. With the required permission of the owner/seller arrangements can be made to have these specialized services performed during the survey process by a qualified technician.   How to prepare for a survey Copyright © 2001/2012 Gallup Yacht Surveying, Lynn, Massachusetts  ~  Phone (781) 598-5465 Web Design Stott Marketing Group Serving the Northeast United States