Gallup Yacht Surveying SAMS® AMS®              What Others Are Saying “Kim Richard Gallagher here, I don't know if you remember me but you did a pre purchase surveyed a 2001 Monterey Cruiser for us. I read your article in Soundings and thought that I would drop you a line. I wanted to thank you for doing such a good job on the survey for us. The boat ran great and we had a very enjoyable summer on her. Your survey was very in depth and I thought that your approach was very professional. Just asking what we intended to use the boat for, boating experience, seamanship knowledge, etc. I thought very intuitive and refreshing. Your knowledge, expertise and willingness to cover every aspect of the boat buying process and thoughts on ownership were very helpful. Not to mention the in depth survey that I can use every year to cross check possible maintenance issues in the future. I would highly recommend you to anyone. I'm sure that you survey much more expensive boats than ours , but you made us feel like this was the most important boat that you have done. Great job George! I'm glad that you got some very well deserved recognition and your survey was money well spent.”   Best Regards, Kim Richard Gallagher “On Oct 2007, George Gallup performed an "Insurance Condition and Value Marine Survey" for my 36 foot Macgregor catamaran.  George was extremely detailed, thorough, and courteous to me as a constant and curious onlooker.  George did not miss a thing and he even went beyond the minimum that this type of survey only needed. Because George did such a good survey job for my catamaran, I had George perform a "Pre-Purchase Condition and Value Survey" for my second boat, Grady White Marlin 300 Sports Fisherman boat on Oct 2009.  This survey really impressed me on how knowledgeable that George is on motor boats as well as sailboats.  Again, George was extremely detailed, thorough, and courteous to me asking a million questions about the new boat that I finally purchased.  George also knew all the mechanical systems of the boat, including the twin 250HP engines. George was very keen on sounding the hulls of both boats and had extensive experience to notice even the slightest anomaly that might be cause for further evaluation.  For other normal hull anomalies, George provided calm and thoughtful assurance to the customer that those areas are OK and that there is no reason for concern. George's final survey reports were outstanding and detailed, including what is good and suggestions on what could be better, and he includes a significant number of color photos of all areas inspected.  These surveys are so incredibly detailed, that they also aide in future questions of what something was or looked like at an earlier date of the survey. Extremely Happy and Satisfied Customer:” Joe Maletz Marblehead, MA “This is not hyperbole; George kept me from making one of the worst 'investments' of my life, and helped me to make one of the best.  I've had the pleasure of working with George on three yacht surveys (two pre-purchase and one insurance).  I say "worked with," because George encouraged me, as a prospective buyer and subsequent owner, to be an active participant each time, by following him through every inch of the boat during his extensive survey.  Looking back, I realize there was no better way to become familiar with all of the systems on my boat, and to date, I've found no book that provides as much concentrated, practical knowledge as I've gleaned from my discussions with George.  His expertise is rivaled only by his professional demeanor, and I recommend him to everyone I know.”   Best regards, Jim Roman “We contacted George Gallup to do a marine survey for us.  At his suggestion, we attended the survey and were very impressed with the thoroughness of his inspection and how much of his knowledge he so willingly shared.  It was quite the learning experience.  George's Findings report was clearly written and pointed out areas of concern that we hadn't noticed when we first looked at the boat.  After combing through all the details of his report, we made a very informed decision to not purchase that boat and continue our search for another.   As soon as we've made another choice, we will definitely be calling George to schedule another survey. We appreciate all that he's done for us and would highly recommend his services.” Dana and Gin Koski     Copyright © 2001/2012 Gallup Yacht Surveying, Lynn, Massachusetts  ~  Phone (781) 598-5465 Web Design Stott Marketing Group Serving the Northeast United States